Speedmarket Avenue
I'm Going To Let My New Swiss Army Knife Answer To That

Release date: March 3, 2004

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There they were. And, just like every great pop band over the years, Speedmarket Avenue felt complete right from the start. Sensitivity, melodies and playing skills; they had it all. In abundance. Those of us who got to meet the band in every possible (and impossible) concert venue could but salute their well-crafted pop songs and their obvious joy at having the opportunity of performing them for us there and then. The often difficult transition from stage and fleeting moments to studio and recordings has been achieved with the able help of producer Fredrik Norberg and "I Am Going To Let My New Swiss Army Knife Answer To That" is the sound of a band who knows what they're doing. And are pleased to share it with anyone who cares to listen.

Kristian Rosengren
(Aerospace, The Legends)

This record is distributed in Sweden through Border Music, and should be available at record stores.
If you cannot find it, please ask the store to order it from Border.
If you do not live in Sweden, you can get it online here:

Online price (Europe): EUR 10

Online price (Outside Europe): US$ 12


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