Songs About Shoe People for Shoe People

Release date: March 17, 2003

Onesheet: Onesheet  (79 kb)

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At last! The secret life of shoe people is revealed - school tiredness, partying, freaking out and more!
And all is told with the help of music catchier than you've ever heard before...
First pressing: 500 copies
Comes with a shoe people button badge! 5 different available.

Online price (Europe): EUR 4

Online price (Outside Europe): US$ 5


Side A

Shoe People Unite, Shoe People Destroy!  Listen!

Shoe People Attend Drop Out University!

Shoe People Make Science Fun!

Shoe People Always Party Hardest (Forever)!

Shoe People Are Love (And Love Are Shoe People)!

Shoe People Join Bunny Fan Club!

Side B

Shoe People Are Not Ashamed (Barefoot)!

Shoe People Get Really, Really Freaked Out!

Shoe People Dance Go-Cart A Go-Go!

Shoe People Birthday Jamathon!

Shoe People New Shoes (We Got)!