Robots and Electronic Brains

Devo on a budget. And more drugs. The half-baked genius concept is that "two-dimensional mood-sherpas" hijacked Daveís life and wrote a load of songs, which he recorded at high speed with loads of stop-start jerking about. Itís mad. And probably sad. But I love it. Especially the kazoo solo.


Wow! What a bizarre release. This heavily syncopated, keyboard dominated, pop sounds like a mix between BUGGLES, DEVO and the Muppet Show. This is some twelve-song 7" EP sound track for the "Shoe People" movement... well, of course, it's about shoe people for shoe people.

Zookeeper Online

Cute cute punk rock -- Phil Dumesnil AKA Foibles, records in his apartment in San Francisco. The Shoe People came about because when he was a kid he could only draw characters with feet but no heads. I love the Shoe People!! There are songs about dissing school, rocking out, partying, the scientific establishment. It's sounds sort of like a lo-fi Devo singing after inhaling helium. I especially liked the kazoo solo in "Shoe People Are Love". Lots of short songs on each side -- I recommend playing an entire side -- the songs flow into one another and they're so good -- and so cute!